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The Strike of the Shrikes

  This article is the second article contributed by Ms Roxanne Lau, a trainee teacher who has recently completed her Teaching Practicum in Greendale Secondary School. Ms Lau has a strong interest in our local biodiversity and is knowledgeable about our local fauna. During her stint in the school, she followed the lives of our resident long-tailed shrikes. We thank her for contribution and wish her all the best in her teaching career.  - Mr William Teng Written by: Ms Roxanne Lau (trainee teacher) The strike of the shrikes. It has been some time since Greendale’s long-tailed shrike population was first introduced on this blog. The young shrikes have since fledged and grown into juveniles who can fly and hunt for food independently. Despite that, the parent birds are still around, catching prey for their young ones when they fail and making fierce alarm calls to protect them whenever danger is sensed.  Somehow, the shrike family’s activities reminded me of my situation. Navigating in a f

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